The Benefits Of Using Aggregates In Construction

pile of grey stone

Aggregates are an important element of many construction projects. There are a few variations in the materials used, but they all hold similar benefits. From sand, stone, and gravel, these small particles can help create large structures. Here are just a few examples of why they’re valuable:

Strength & Durability

Adding aggregates to any material can make it stronger, which is an essential property in many construction projects. From finer particles to larger stones, compacting a substance with this mixture will help to provide it with a layer of strength. As it is usually used to hold whole structures or withstand heavy traffic areas, they are important additions to help provide a solid foundation.

As well as being super strong, these materials are long-lasting too. This is important as many construction projects need to last for a long time, and be safe too. Aggregates, often mixed with other substances like cement, can create a long-lasting, reliable material used in many projects.

tarmac road being laid

Cost Effective Materials

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of using aggregates is their cost-effective nature. With the addition of these various particles, it can help give volume to things like cement or tar. This can help make a little go a long way, which is an efficient use of the material. A construction project can be quite costly, so when there’s a chance to save on goods, it’s important to take it.

aggregate being transported in lorry

Aggregates: Versatility

Aggregates are frequently used in many projects because of the benefits and properties the materials have. They can be used in lots of elements within construction. Commonly, they are mixed with other materials to help create roads, patios, and building foundations, to name a few.

They are also great for providing drainage as the shape and size stops water from pooling on a surface. Not only is this good for large, commercial construction, but aggregates are also very handy for use in domestic landscaping and driveways.

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