The Different Types Of Soil

Soil Suppliers

Are you looking for soil suppliers? Using this material can help build up the ground, which is perfect for farmers or landscaping projects. There are many variations out there that all have different properties and benefits.

The type of soil on the ground typically depends on the land underneath. However, it’s fairly common to get quality goods transported from soil suppliers to ensure your land has healthy topsoil, so you can reap the benefits. Here’s a brief overview of some of the main types:

Clay Texture

This texture of soil is quite dense and creates a great anchor for many types of plants. With a higher clay count, this topsoil can hold water for longer as it doesn’t drain easily. In the summer months, it can be known to dry out and crack, which can be quite frustrating when growing various plants.

Sand & Silt

A sandy topsoil is light in texture and drains water quickly. However, sometimes it doesn’t have enough nutrients for plants as these can wash away easily. Silt is made up of fine particles and is also a well-drained topsoil but can hold more moisture than a sandy texture. As soil suppliers, we know that the biggest benefit of this variation is that it can be easily compacted.

Loam Topsoil

A loam mixture contains a blend of a few types of topsoil. It can consist of clay, sand, and silt, and this balances out many of the negative effects of each. This makes it one of the better options for general gardening and agriculture purposes. The mixture is a great all-rounder.

aggregate truck

Soil Suppliers: Lime Spreading

Soil suppliers will often offer lime spreading. Lime will help to control the acidity of the ground, as the PH is very important. It also acts as a conditioner and can maximise the performance of the topsoil. This is especially beneficial for farmers, as it helps prepare the ground for crops. At Jonathan Hardy, we offer lime spreading as well as quality topsoil.

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For your next project, choose Jonathan Hardy. If the ground you’re working with is poor quality, or you need to build it up, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. When you choose us as soil suppliers, you can expect a quality topsoil mixture that is free from contaminants and locally sourced. For more information, contact our friendly team now.

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