Understanding Sand

sand being moved by digger

If your only experience of sand has been restricted to beaches and sandpits, you may not be aware of the extent of its uses. In fact, there are many different kinds of sand that are used for different purposes. These go by different names that can be confusing to those who aren’t familiar with the versatility of sand. If you’re scheduling a sand delivery, read this first to decide which one you need for your project.

What Actually Is Sand?

To understand what sand is, let’s start with the basics. Sand is actually very small particles of rocks. A good way to think about it is to compare sand beaches to pebble beaches. Sand is simply a version of a pebble beach that has been subjected to more erosion, resulting in much finer particles. The particles need to be 2mm or smaller to be considered as sand.


The Grades And Types Of Sand Available

Now that we understand that sand is finely ground particles of rock, we can begin to explore the different grades on the market and what their uses are. That way, you know which sand delivery you’ll need.


Also known as course, rough and grit. As the names implies, sharp sand has larger particles that can be sharp. Because of the large pieces, it works well to create bonds. It’s great for block paving, slabbing and construction. The final product won’t have a smooth finish, but it will be strong and sturdy.

Building Sand

Building sand is a little finer than its sharp counterpart. It’s usually combined with water to create cement, so it’s great for use in all manner of construction projects. It can be used for screeding and plastering, because the grains are fine enough to result in a smooth finish.

Menage Silica

This is the finest grade of sand, ideal for horse arenas, bunkers and gardens. It can also aid drainage if you add it to soil. Menage silica sand also has other uses in construction, painting and metalwork, among other things.

A Useful Aggregate

Sand is incredibly useful, and is used in a wide variety of projects. Without sand, your property wouldn’t be standing in the way that it is today. It’s even used to create glass!

For Sand Deliveries, Call Jonathan Hardy

If you need a sand delivery, don’t hesitate to call us today. We offer a variety of grades which can be used in all manner of different projects.

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