Lime Spreading For A Perfect Lawn

Lime spreading

If you’ve tested your soil and have discovered that it’s too acidic, you would benefit from lime spreading. Spreading lime helps to manage the pH level of your soil, which in turn means that your crops will be healthier.

Why Do You Need To Spread Lime?

Lime is used to balance the pH of soil that is too acidic. Acidic soil can be problematic, as plants find it harder to thrive. To counteract this, lime spreading followed by a layer of fertiliser should do the trick. It’s important to prep the soil with lime first, as fertiliser will do little to improve soil that’s too acidic. Similarly, it’s a waste to prep the soil with lime and not follow with fertiliser, as lime cannot introduce the vital nutrients soil needs to sustain plant life.

What Should You Use For Lime Spreading?

There’s a couple of different types of lime available for spreading. Wet lime will require specialist spreading equipment, and is usually used on agricultural land. You can also get lime in a pellet form, which can be spread by hand. This is great for gardens and small patches of land where specialist equipment isn’t owned or needed.

Why Is Lime Spreading Important?

When soil has had to weather slurry, excess rain, nitrogen and fertilisers without preparation, it can become too acidic. Reducing the acidity will result in better nutrient levels, meaning the soil is richer and produces better crops.

lime spreading in a field of soil

Lime actually has some nutrients in it. It introduces magnesium and calcium, which are minerals that help crops to grow. Because it also balances the pH, the crops can also absorb the nutrients more efficiently. This results in stronger roots and better quality plants.

Where Should You Not Spread Lime?

The majority of plants will thrive in soil that has a neutral pH. However, there are some exceptions. If you’re growing azaleas, potatoes or blueberries, avoid spreading lime where they are. You can use special tools to ensure that the lime doesn’t cross into their soil.

You can also spread too much lime, so be mindful when you’re using it. Checking the pH of your soil is a good place to start, so you know what you’re working with.

What Are The Signs That You Need To Spread Lime?

There are a few indicators that show you might need to spread lime that are more obvious than checking the pH. An increase in weeds could show that the soil is becoming too acidic. Weaker crops can also be a sign. A fairly strong signal is an increase in growth in plants that thrive in acidic soil, so if your azaleas are thriving while your peas are looking worse for wear, chances are high that you’d benefit from spreading lime.

If You Need Lime For Spreading, Call Jonathan Hardy

When your soil needs a pH adjustment, lime is a great solution. Give us a call today and we can sort you out with top quality lime for tiling and cultivation.

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